“Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”|Mandy Hale

As a child, I always enjoyed writing in a journal, and as I grew older it was always such a perfect outlet for honesty, reflection, truth and a safe place for me to express myself. My love for art also started young, winning my first art show at age seven. Then my love for photography began blossoming when I took an old school photography class, back in the day where they taught you how to develop photo’s and it took raw talent. I miss those innocent days where artists needed real skill, but I’ve grown to love filters, digital cameras, software, apps and technology in this new frontier.


Just thinking about what it used to take to be called an artist or writer, the progress and accessibility is such a blessing for so many including myself. I realized my true niche after I attended art school for graphic design when it came to marketing for small businesses with my writing, photography and social media. I decided I’m done with using time and energy on other websites and platforms where I don’t get credit for work, but with this website and blog I can finally make sure Erica Adams has her work seen by the world.

The other reason for starting this blog was that I also wanted to share my story and journey, what I’ve learned, grown from, experienced and how it’s all shaped who I’ve become today. Truth and honesty are what most of us yearn for in life and you never know by sharing your joys, failures, growth, mistakes, and trials can help someone else, not only helping them feel less alone, but also being a perfectionist, that despite what we see in the surface world of social media, we are all finding our way.


My love for travel has and always will be what most inspires me and I will always be beyond grateful to my parents who showed me how big our world is and how thankful I should be for the opportunities I’ve been blessed with. Capturing moments and seeing the world through other cultures has helped shaped who I am today, which reminds me how small we all are.

I truly thank you for taking the time to read this and hope my journey in some way helps you in yours. Feel free to reach out and connect with me. While I deep inside I hope I can one day be appreciated for my passions in journalism, photography, marketing, and creative services, what’s most important is filling myself with my favorite things that fill my creative soul and let my voice be heard. I hope I can inspire, uplift, encourage and help someone by encouraging them to be who they truly want to be. Welcome to Mountain Girl Creative!