“Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of it’s strength.”|Charles Spurgeon.

Well for once as I sit here sipping my tea I’m a bit at a loss for words. But, I always find that when I write, whether for my blog, poetry or even just my journal I always feel better and putting my thoughts down seems to help make sense of it all. I’m hoping sharing my expressions might help just one person feel better and I’ve found that when people open themselves up it can give comfort to someone else who might be feeling the same way. Yes, it takes strength to share our fears, be vulnerable and admit we don’t have all the answers, but it can draw us closer together. No one can ever go wrong in speaking their truth.


As many of you are experiencing as well, most of our lives have been turned a bit upside down this past week. For me, I’m quite exhausted and drained, especially since I struggle with anxiety and feeling like today felt way too long. I’m a very organized planner and it’s a scary feeling not knowing exactly what tomorrow will hold. In the last 48 hours, bomb after bomb of information kept coming at me that felt like a lot to process. Now, in comparison, I have to say I’m thankful for my health and compared to what so many others around the world are dealing with needs to be put into perspective.


From schools shutting down, to losing jobs, empty grocery store shelves, eerie vacant streets, businesses closing, events and travel canceled, financial investments, the list goes on and on, it’s like in just a short period it almost feels like we aren’t living our normal lives anymore. It’s hard to remain calm when so much is uncertain. What started as a sad news story in China a few months ago all the sudden is affecting every single person in the world today.

What is most hard for me right now, is explaining the situation to my young daughter. There aren’t easy answers for exactly what’s happening no matter what age we are. As a parent, we try to be the example of a positive attitude, be resilient, strong, balanced, but both now and in the coming days is being put to the test. In some ways, I think it’s forcing us all to stop and think about what’s important. For so many their careers, social lives and external things are what keep them going. Now, it’s like we are forced to take the time to feel, think, just be and not be so busy with so many things that in reality aren’t important.


Our culture is so geared for these jam-packed schedules that if we aren’t being productive every minute of every day we aren’t driven. What a blessing it’s been to have more time with my daughter, to hear from friends its been way too long since we’ve heard from, to plan out home-cooked meals for the week, knowing I’ll have time to cook, working on projects I’ve been meaning to for months. I’m enjoying being forced to slow down and live how many of us should be living each day. Money has never really equaled true happiness and security, this crisis is proving that now.

While all these big changes can feel frustrating, I think all we can do it value what we do have, be grateful for those who love us, to be thankful to those around us who will be there for us and remember the bottom line is without our health, not much else is left, so we need to cherish it. Use this time to reconnect with each other and ourselves. Be considerate of what others are dealing with and let them know you care.

Reach out to others if we need help, but be compassionate to others as well. Control your anxiety by limiting worry on what you can’t change around you. Use this extra bit of time to do something that fills you up. If we can all take a lesson from this tragic experience it’s that life is precious and things can change overnight. Be kind to yourself and others. Remember to breathe.

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